Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does Dr. Gorin practice?

Dr. Gorin sees patients at Urology Associates located in Cumberland, Maryland. He performs minor procedures in the practice's Ambulatory Surgical Center and larger more complex procedures at UPMC Western Maryland.

How do I schedule a visit with Dr. Gorin?

New and existing patients may schedule an in-person or telehealth visit with Dr. Gorin by completing the online request form or calling our office at (301) 724-0132.

How do I get to Dr. Gorin's office?

To get to our office in Cumberland, you may either drive, ride Amtrak, or fly into our local executive airport. Driving takes ~2 hours from  Baltimore and ~2.5 hours from Washington D.C.

Is there anything I need to prepare or bring with me to my visit?

Dr. Gorin asks that all new patients complete a medical history form prior to their visit. You can download the form here or complete online.


New and existing patients being seen for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate symptoms should complete an EPIC-CP, IPSS, and SHIM questionaire prior to each viist. You may download these forms here or complete them online.

Many patients seeing Dr. Gorin will require a prostate MRI. This may be done at an imaging center near to your home or locally in Cumberland at our preferred radiology center, Advanced Diagnostic Radiology. If you have your MRI done closer to home, please request a CD containing your scan and hand carry this with you to your appointment. If you are not certain whether you need a prostate MRI prior to your visit please call our office.

Do I need to be accompanied by anyone to my visit?

For office visits you may either come alone or have one or more individuals join you for the visit. If you are undergoing a procedure under sedation, it is required that someone drive you to and from the our surgery center. You may, however, drive yourself for procedures performed under local anesthesia. If you under certain what type of anesthesia you will receive for your procedure, please contact our office at (301) 724-0132. Regardless of the type of anesthesia you receive, we do recommend that you remain within driving distance of our office for at least 24 hours after your procedure.

If I need to spend the night in Cumberland where should I stay?

Patients traveling from out of town who wish to spend the nigher prior to or following their visit. Dr. Gorin recommends the following hotel options:

Hampton Inn

109 Welton Drive

Cumberland, MD 21502

Phone: (301) 729-4028

Savage River Lodge

1600 Mt Aetna Rd,

Frostburg, MD 21532

Phone: (301) 689-3200

Rocky Gap Resort

16701 Lakeview Rd NE

Flintstone, MD 21530

Phone: (800) 724-0828

Is there anything exciting to do while I am in town?

If you are coming from out of town, there are many activities for you to enjoy while in Western, Maryland. Many of these are outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful surroundings. See the top 10 list at